Deployment and Programming of PLC Projects

Programmable Logic Controllers or PLCs are the cornerstone of manufacturing in the age of Industry 4.0. They allow for maximum efficiency and adaptability of production lines which maximizes your productivity and competitiveness.

KEB’s Industry 4.0 technology allows you to experience the smart industry 4.0 systems of the future in the present. We can also help you to deploy and program the latest and most reliable PLC systems that are commonly available in the market at the moment. We provide sales and support for the following brands and services:


If you have any inquiries regarding the services or products mentioned below, you’re welcomed to contact us.

1. Developing Automation Programs


FICTRON has extensive experience in coding industrial automation applications and PLC systems. We can help you debug your code, modify the existing code, back up the program for future reference or even take on a new PLC project from scratch. Contact us today for any PLC support you might need.

  • Source code debugging and modification in STL, FBD and Ladder languages.
  • Source code programming (Upload and Download)
  • Source code development for projects according to the application.
  • Data collection and back up of source code for future reference.
  • SCADA/OPC/IIOT integration
  • Support for the following brands and software:
  • KEB Combivis Studio 6, C6 Compact, C6 Smart, C6 Safety and many more.
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix, RSLogix5, 500 and 5000.
  • Siemens Simatic Step 7, TIA Portal, S7 200, S7 300, S7 400 & S7 1200 as well as S5 series.
  • Omron CX-Programmer, Sysmac Studio, NSJ, CJ2, CS1, CP, CJ1, NX1P, NJ, NX1 & NX7 series & SoMachine.
  • Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q, MELSEC-F, FX1S, FX2N, FX2N, FX2NC, FX3U, GX-Developer and Others.
  • Keyence KV100, KV300, KV3000, KV5000, KV7000, KV8000, KV Nano Series & others.
  • Schneider Electric Zelio Logic SR2/SR3, Modicon M221, M241, M251, M262, M258 and others.
  • Fuji Electric SPH200, SPH300, SPH2000, SPH3000, SPH3000D, SPH3000MM, SPH3000MG, SPH5000H and others.
  • GE Fanuc 90-30, 90-70, Genius I/O, RX3i, RX7i and Field Control Series.
  • ABB AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S and AC500-XC range of PLC systems.
  • Delta AH Series, AS Series, DVP Series, DVP Slim Series and DVP Motion Series.
  • Fatek FBs, HB1, B1, B1z Series and so on.

2. Networking PLC Systems


Networking PLCs can be very beneficial to management of your production line. We can help you network the standalone systems and connect the existing systems to robust HMI units for easier operation of your machine. We have experience with different types of PLC networks and can help you develop your internal industrial Ethernet network regardless of the protocol used.

  • System integration for visual, robotic and motion systems
  • Support for common PLC networking protocols such as: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CC-LINK, HART, VNET/IP, TCNET, EtherCAT, Powerlink, MODBUS, SERCOS, SAFETYBUS, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, InterBus, and so forth.
  • Networking via KEB C6 Industrial Routers with KEB cloud service for Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Connection to and control from HMI (Human Machine Interface) units as well as servo drives and inverter drives.

3. Industry 4.0 KEB Cloud for Machine Monitoring


Cloud computing can help you keep track of your machinery so you can adopt preventive and adaptive maintenance methods to minimize downtime down to zero. Cloud computing can also help you get big data on your machine operation so you can make your machines more efficient and build your products at a much lower cost.

  • Industrial Cloud for Machinery and big data
  • Supervising of your industrial machines 24/7 for faults
  • Preventing maintenance by the help of big data through cloud
  • Increasing efficiency of machines by using big data through cloud
  • IoT connection of sensors and machinery to cloud
  • Certified durable German routers for industrial purposes

4. PLC Projects And Modification / Optimization Of Existing Machines


If your machine maker doesn’t support your machine anymore or if you’re completely satisfied with the performance of your machine, you’re welcomed to contact us. We can help you solve the inefficiencies that you might be facing due to obsolete or incomplete designs. We’d be happy to help you tackle new automation projects as well in case you need automate just about any process.

  • Providing on-site service to optimize your machinery using PLC systems
  • Updating Machine PLC code to increase efficiency and performance
  • Adding sensors to machine for industry 4.0 preventive maintenance purposes
  • Adding sensors to machine for big data analysis purposes
  • Updating sensors on machinery for optimal performance
  • Updating obsolete PLC hardware to modern hardware using KEB PLCs
  • Developing hardware and software (code) according to customer needs

5. Adding HMI Units To PLC Systems For Ease Of Operation


Adding an HMI unit can help to ease the operation of your machine without having to use buttons and large control panels. It’s convenient because you can use the same panel for almost all operation of your machine. HMIs can help to report the machine status and the program status to the user. This increases the safety of your machine and allows for modification of the operation code on the fly. HMIs help you to utilize your machinery in the best ways possible.

6. Repair Of PLC & HMI Hardware (Touch Glass And LCD)


We can help you repair your existing PLC systems in case there is a hardware issue as well. So no matter whether the problem is with the hardware or the software, we’ve got you covered.

  • Repair of PLC CPU Units as well as I/O modules
  • Repair of HMI Units, Industrial monitors, broken touch glass and others
  • Back up, upload and modification of PLC code

7. Wide Support Of Common Trusted Brands

We support all major common brands in the market to provide a one-stop convenient solution to you. You’re welcomed to inquire for PLC systems of any of the following brands: