Remote Control Solution

Remote Control Solution

A service center is often tasked with a variety of important duties – function diagnostics, adapting to regional standards, preventive maintenance, updating software. Having to make service calls to a job site is costly and time consuming, particularly when only a few parameters or lines of code need to be changed. COMBIVIS Connect software by KEB allows service technicians to make necessary changes remotely, saving on critical resources.

Safety and security of a user’s data is an important consideration of remote maintenance. With this in mind, COMBIVIS Connect ensures compliance with maximum certified security and safety standards with the advantage of a worldwide network of servers.

C6 Router

The C6 VPN Router has been specially designed for use in remote installations and industrial settings.

The router is available in two hardware and two software versions. Users can select a model with direct hardwired internet connection via WAN port, or 2G/3G/3G+/4G/LTE wireless connection via any GSM network. This allows for greater flexibility in setting up an installation that allows for remote maintenance and commissioning.

The E1/M1 versions of the router have come with software designed solely for remote maintenance. They allow access to Ethernet and serial communication based devices down to the subnet level. With the implementation of visualization software, the E2/M2 versions provide the additional benefit of KEB’s COMBIVIS Studio HMI software. Functions like data logging, alarm management, and analysis tools are just a few of the additional features of the E2/M2 version.

The C6 family of routers is completely hardware independent and can be used with any third party controls without restrictions. Thanks to the wide range of communication drivers available, linking to any controllers is fast and easy.

C6 ROUTER (extract from catalogue) (2 MB)


  • Remote monitoring using Ethernet-based router
  • Worldwide support through multiple server locations
  • Also available as router with integral 2G/3G/3G+/4G/LTE modem
  • Access to remote systems via Ethernet or serial interface
  • Tried and tested COMBIVIS Connect software connects the systems to be monitored at your worksite via VPN
  • Additional HMI functionality for data-logging, long-term machine diagnostics and notification by e-mail and SMS